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Africa Overland – Introduction

Introduction I grew up in Africa and lived there for quite a while. My family moved out when I was thirteen years old, and ended up just staying in Oman. […]

Travel Plan

Planning and expectation for the journey are sometimes greater fun than the execution of the subsequent travel itself.  Plan the trip within the comforts and confines of your own home […]

Travel Comfort

Planning and preparation are part of excitement and fun.  Planning and expectation for the journey are sometimes more fabulous fun than the execution of the subsequent travel itself.  Plan your […]

Travel Documents

Plan early enough to acquire all the necessary travel documents you required for your journey. Taking time to check all travel documents will ensure that all the details are taken […]

Travel Pre-Meetings

Meetings are crucial, and the primary key element to any successful journey. You have an opportunity to visualise the entire trip before it happens. Meeting makes plans visible to some […]

Motorcycle’s Preparation

Preparation is the secret to any successful ride. It is not good enough to be only a good rider, but better to have some technical background. The experience will not […]

Motorcycle Checks

Tire Pump It is one of the essential items to take with you when repairing tires on the side of the road. It is handy and particularly useful in the […]

Motorcycle Training

Riding a motorcycle is not rocket science, however. Most can ride one with little or no instruction and bike for many years, just barely getting by, but not safely. To […]

Tools and Spares

The motorcycles offer a higher degree of freedom in many aspects and are less worry if they go wrong. They also do look fantastic and desirable. The first and most […]

Travel Security

Nothing is like hitting the open road on a motorcycle, especially when the conditions are perfect. However, whether you are heading out for a long trip or just going down […]

Protect your belongings

Motorcycle Cover A motorcycle cover does magic to discourage thieves. For one, criminals almost always go for specific targets. If you cover your bike correctly, they cannot see it, may […]

Security & Safety

Do not ride at night outside town unless you must. Wild and domestic animals sometimes spend the night near the road. Tarred roads are dangerous, as their surfaces absorb the […]

Credit and Cash

Cash is a classic fashion way to pay expenses, and it is convenient; if you are travelling in your native country, actually you don’t require to find banks or ATMs, […]

Travel Flexibility

Assessing the time travel from a starting point to the ending point. It depends on the state of the roads, the nature of the terrain and climate. Consider the time […]

Travel with Group

If you travel with the group, you must know your team rules and accept any task given to you by your trip leader. Prepare for any unfavourable conditions, be ready […]


For proper Camping Preparation; before the journey, make sure use the camping checklist to make sure you take what you need, but not much more. Check the tent, stove, matches/lighters, […]

Motorcycle Handling

Usually, roads outside communities are relatively empty, and you may not encounter traffic for a long time. Thus, you could increase your confidence and your speed. Be aware that the […]